Mama Alto is actually a gender transcendent diva, cabaret artiste, and neighborhood activist. She’s a non-binary trans femme person of color who works together with the revolutionary potential of storytelling, power in gentleness & power in vulnerability. Bobuq Sayed sat straight down with these people at Hares and Hyenas to speak queerness from inside the arts in addition to problems of involved in area.

Bobuq: Your model of activism is fairly distinctive, because you make use of your shows and your art as a system for training men and women regarding the personal and governmental realities of intersectionality. Work me personally through the method that you accomplish that.


It really is clear throughout human history the arts provides always had an important role as a realtor of personal change.

I experienced the advantage of an institution knowledge, but the activist toolkit and vocabulary We was given there is certainly therefore inaccessible to a lot of people. That will be partially why I adore singing. Activism framed through art is obtainable to so many more folks.

The non-public is political so we can’t afford become apolitical as human beings inside our communities. Musician identities therefore the dilemmas we’re passionate about and problems we come across in culture are issues that can be addressed within our art, and it also could be reckless to not do this.

As marginalised folks across lots of intersections, we should make use of whatever gifts or strengths we would need to be heard in social buildings. Anything about art opens folks upwards. It opens the spirit and helps you recognise humankind in others.

Bobuq: in a manner, the phase turns out to be the pulpit

Mama: It’s funny you mention pulpit, because many people have actually in comparison my personal activities to a chapel, in an optimistic and a negative sense. I always joke that there is one thing religious about my personal activities because I lock people in a-room, get their money, lecture all of them and shriek tunes at them.

Mama Alto’s signature brand of performance fused alongside instructions is transportive. Picture: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea.

Bobuq: And someplace in there’s a transformative experience (laughs). You used to be a key supporter inside the Matrimony Equality strategy, but how did the media analysis influence you?


We experienced a lot more critique from both sides of politics than I imagined i’d. Through the correct, I became obtaining predictably fire-and-brimstone effectiveness what was seen as the gay agenda, but there seemed to be additionally so much hate from individuals from the remaining who feel, probably correctly very, that wedding is actually an assimilative, oppressive and challenging institution.

Conversely, at a wedding Equality rally that ten thousand men and women arrived to, I said noisy and clear around mic that, „I hope when you are getting homosexual relationship, might still appear for Aboriginal rallies, for trans rallies,“ and more, and so they nearly booed me off the period.

And, there’s this terrible horizontal assault inside our communities, in which people decline to think folks can care about several concern at the same time. By claiming I was battling for matrimony equivalence, many people instantly assumed I became against combating for trans or intersex liberties.

And on additional part, there was clearly this type of deficiencies in nuance, intersectionality, colour, transness, disability and a total denial of course methods, which is every ongoing reputation of the united states.

Bobuq: you had been in a tv show last year in the Malthouse labeled as ‘The Homosexuals‘ which was a satire in the queer neighborhood. That was that knowledge like?


It absolutely was a farce designed around call out culture therefore the gaytriarchy. It checked exactly how dangerous call-out society goes beyond having objectives of transforming community for any good and is also a lot more worried about establishing power and abusing power. And the way the „upper echelon“ of white gay male society enacts exactly the same type oppression that right white patriarchy enacts but inside our own society, from the L, B , T, we, and A.

It actually was the 1st time I would actually played a figure that immediately lined up with my own identification. Numerous occasions, I’ve played cisgender women or black US ladies, because inside white psyche there is an interchangeability from the coloured body.

Personally it had been these a strong knowledge because I happened to be brown, trans femme but non-binary, and an activist all at the same time. That shouldn’t be powerful nonetheless it had been. Light and cis performers possess independence of normalcy and presence your everyone else lack.

Bobuq: Could you chat to the psychic toll of overall performance therefore the appetite for struggling and pain that people develop with marginalised performers?


It is upheaval porn! At the moment, I’m concentrating on a project called Gender Euphoria that aims to rewrite the narratives around trans bodies. Much of gendered representation is targeted on the damage, without acknowledging that individuals have actually a fantastic capacity for desire and charm and power simultaneously.

In terms of the psychological and actual toll, it’s so real. Once I do within my most useful, I rip open my personal rib cage and allow all my emotions afin de in to the story plus the tune. The audience can feel and answer that in several layers while they see fit. The process is actually learning how to pack almost everything away and stitch yourself support and tend to your own wounds, to make sure you you should not die, literally and figuratively.

Once I’m upwards here about level, i’m that everything I’m carrying out provides value. Folks see on their own in that. It could comfort or encourage all of them or it may confront them to analyze their own prejudices and benefits.

Bobuq: Sex and sexuality are often erased from the narratives of trans men and women. How do you think this lends itself to bogus assumptions projected onto men and women like all of us?


The prominent representation of trans female sexualities is the „technique“ and/or „trap,“ and that started in heterosexual cis contexts. But that same stereotype more and more applies in gay circles, in which trans and non-binary folks are regarded as fooling or capturing gay sexual lovers. This really is tricky.

You can find as much sex identities and gender presentations because there tend to be humankind on the planet. But to numerous people, throwing-in alternative identities toward binary produces one signal. Trans femme sexualities are continually viewed as not enough.

Trans feminine people, whether women or genderqueer, are never „woman adequate“ for a direct guy. But we are also maybe not „man sufficient“ for gay men. That is why we have come to be regarded as a trick or a trap, instead of becoming viewed as more than enough of whatever we are actually.

Mama Alto’s visual beauty is combined with a tremendously effective sound. Image: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea.

Bobuq: In area, we see discover typically greater openness to trans manliness and trans men by typically lesbian women than you will find with homosexual men, exactly who typically view trans femininity as unwelcome. Do you consider there’s a level of misogyny at work here?


This is the type misogyny of homosexual guys who happen to be pleased getting gold star gays, for never handled a vagina, pleased to possess never slept with a female, and talk at fantastic length about their disgust for women. It really is worn as a badge of honor, inside pull sectors. Its all the same misogyny, just packaged in different ways.

There is certainly a dogmatic brain washing in existing western society of digital reasoning, this idea that every thing takes place in oppositional dualisms, of 1 or perhaps the different. You aren’t enough of this or an adequate amount of that. It removes any thought of nuance, and it eliminates queerness and transness, which lives in those interstitial places. We must open up those 3rd places where some of us live, in fact it is a constant discussion of the binaries encompassing all of us.

Additionally, it features one thing to do with capitalism, since if you are categorisable then you definitely’re commodifiable and consumable. The white cis gaytriarchy are creating this economic climate of systems, of whose body’s a lot of worthy of all, plus in that economic climate, brown trans femmes is available someplace at the end. I will be much more careful with this word as it’ll be used out of context (laughs).

Bobuq: it creates it doubly challenging end up being a trans femme singer of color that is at a time marginalised by the exact same people that will go on to fetishise.

Mama: Exactly. You never know how much cash of your own importance is actually intrinsic to who you really are and what you’re doing, and exactly how a lot of it has to do using the tokenism and fetishisation you are satisfying for folks.

It causes individuals say you’re not beneficial as a musician or an activist, which you only have a program because you’re a token and you are rewarding the quota. That can lead to most doubt and second guessing, from yourself and from other individuals, that is certainly really dangerous.

Mama Alto is actually showing up in or headlining the next activities:

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Queer Icons celebration displayed by appearing authors Festival, Summer 23rd,
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Mama Alto: Torch Songs, Melbourne, July 6th,
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Mama Alto: Torch Songs, Hobart, July 12th,
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Bobuq Sayed is actually a writer, multi-media musician and community organiser regarding the Afghan diaspora. They co-edit Archer mag and they are the co-founder of QTPOC activist collective,

Colour Tongues


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