Myles on Oliver

What happened to be you hoping for?

To get to know some body brand new and a bit various.

Very first thoughts?

Inquisitive and friendly.

Exactly what did you mention?

Politics, sex and religion; the three things their mom told him not to ever explore on a primary go out.

Any awkward moments?

We thought Oliver’s feature as Canadian when it is Scottish.

Great dining table ways?

He made an effort to cut up a hamburger with chopsticks, however, I drained half one glass of drink in multiple seconds, so I believe we are also.

Smartest thing about Oliver?

We chuckled many and no one had gotten upset (i do believe).

Could you present him to your buddies?


Describe Oliver in three terms

Imposing Brixton hipster.

Exactly what do you might think the guy manufactured from you?

Australian, sincere, weak kidney.

Do you carry on someplace?

To a club up the street for two much more wines.

And… did you hug?

Just a hug from the tube place.

In the event that you could alter a factor towards evening, what can it be?

I might are capable transform away from my personal company wear.

Markings of 10?


Do you satisfy once more?

Yeah, i do believe we’re able to be good pals.

Oliver on Myles

Exactly what happened to be you longing for?

Vibrant talk.

First thoughts?

A fantastic look. I am not generally drawn to dudes with long-hair, though.

What do you discuss?

Inadequate lifestyle for gays, Australia v UNITED KINGDOM.

learn about the features of

Any shameful times?

One extremely unacceptable laugh.

Great table ways?


Best thing about Myles?

His self-belief and belief.

Would you introduce him towards buddies?


Describe Myles in three words

Funny, honest, carefree.

What exactly do you think the guy manufactured from you?

Confident, funny, eccentric.

Do you embark on somewhere?

We had some more cups of drink in Soho.

And… do you kiss?

We didn’t.

Any time you could change one thing about the evening, what would it is?

Reading regarding man he’s matchmaking (as well as how bad really).

Markings from 10?


Could you meet again?

We probably won’t.


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